High End Baume & Mercier – The new Clifton Club Shelby Cobra watch Replica Buying Guide

Baume & Mercier introduces a new chronograph inspired by the legendary “Shelby Cobra Daytona CoupĂ©”, probably the most iconic car in American motorsports. In celebration of its legacy, Peter Brock personally joined with Baume & Mercier’s Design Director Alexandre Peraldi to create a collection that sets a new standard in style and presence. The chronograph is limited to 196 pieces.

I actually wanted to wear this watch after viewing it since it would have perfectly looked the part on my wrist, driving the sunset-lit California coast’s HWY 101. “Regrettably,” the best I could do was the Limited Edition Clifton Club Shelby Cobra 1964. Surprisingly, the larger watch felt better in my yummy wrists and the clasp was quite comfy, which got me excited about the Burt Munro Tribute slice as it’d feel much more or less the same. Despite its slightly bigger lug dimensions, grip, and pushers, it was comparatively easy to slide beneath my riding gloves when gearing up, which makes me believe the Tribute bit could make it in the daily watch rotation. I hear the chatter of watch fans… “a limited edition mechanical watch at the daily rotation?” Speaking of limited editions, this whole weekend was filled with vintage, rare, and custom motorcycles, that were constructed in home garages, custom workshops, and collectors’ warehouses. One of the many names repeated over the duration of the event could be RSD, Roland Sands Designs. Roland Sands is motorcycling’s equivalent to George Bamford in the watch world, except badass and winning an AMA national championship. His drag race winning system of this weekend would be the “RSD Wasp,” that a Yamaha MT-09/FZ-09 franken-street tracker. This bike construct would be something equivalent to carrying a Rolex 116610 Submariner Case and squeezing in the newer Calibre 3255, slapping some DLC on the instance, screwing in a display caseback, coating the hands in yellow stone, and yanking off the dial an Air-King, finished off by stringing it onto a hand stitched, habit perforated, humanely treated, organically tanned young calfskin strap.