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The FH (Swiss watchmaking industry federation) is already selling a colour panel that includes the new 6N gold colour

Mechanical wristwatches have been around for over a century and have survived the major threats posed by quartz watches and LCD technology in the 1970s and 1980s to rebound in even better health, at least as far as luxury Swiss watches are concerned. The industry has faced a renewed threat from smartwatches over the past couple of years, one that it first dismissed, then embraced. Rather than trying to second-guess the technological advances in movements over the coming years, this article takes a look at some things that could have an impact on design trends in the watch industry over the next 12 months. Find out how, among other things, Baume & Mercier is pioneering the watchmaking trends of tomorrow.

A new gold alloy colour

You may be familiar with the classifications of 0N to 5N for gold alloys, which are based on the ISO 8654 standard “Colours of gold alloys – Definition, range of colours and designation”. Watchmakers use a number of different gold alloys and some of them have developed their own gold alloys – keen to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Nevertheless, in terms of their classification, all of them fall within the 4N or 5N colour categories, which broadly speaking cover the spectrum of yellow and red (or rose) gold.

The FH (Swiss watchmaking industry federation) is already selling a colour panel that includes the new 6N gold colour

The FH (Swiss watchmaking industry federation) is already selling a colour panel that includes the new 6N gold colour FH

By the end of 2017, however, the ISO 8654 standard will be revised to add a new colour – 6N, or dark red. The main objective of this revision to the standard is to allow measurement of the colour in the LAB space used by spectrocolorimetres to measure and compare gold alloys. So when will we see the first watches in dark-red gold?
Source: Revue FH No. 11, 29 June 2017

Black movement treatments

Up until five years ago, you could get a black movement treatment using a galvanising bath of black ruthenium. But the European Regulation on Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals (REACH), which maintains a list of harmful chemical substances that are banned from use in the European Union, included one of the molecules used in this treatment on its list.

A movement with the new black NAC coating

A movement with the new black NAC coating STS/Acrotec


Now, being that it’s a mechanical watch, I can hear the chatter of watch enthusiasts commenting about how mechanical watches shouldn’t be subjected to constant vibration and G powers regardless of the specs. The effects of constant and short strong vibrations to mechanical motions continues to be widely debated on many forums and covered by many articles, some of these by aBlogtoWatch, but it’s generally agreed upon that any strenuous physical activity is best performed with your mechanical watch spectating in the sidelines. Wearing of mechanical watches through these types of activities could harm the self-winding mechanism together with inducing premature wear on pivots and the balance wheel.As a perfect testing ground I would be riding a suspension chopped, vibey V-twin Indian Scout Bobber, over three times, to test all these premature wear concepts such as the extra advantage of it being shock resistant and rated to withstand 550 G, which can be more than 10 times the shock exerted on a body through a fatal automobile accident. Together with those specs, I had been feeling quite confident about the opinion withstanding the vibrations.The other mechanical equipment I’d be reviewing are the above Indian Scout Bobber, a newly not-yet-released version, and I’d be riding one for the next few days at arguably one of the most coveted, secret, two-wheeled gatherings in the bike community. The Bobber was a fantastic compliment to the Clifton Club watch because they taken an edgier feel against their counterparts in their various collections, and that, as the weekend progressed, shown to be a very free relationship with comparable street maps.

Coating specialist STS, a company the Acrotec group – a major player in the important subcontracting industry – first considered replacing the offensive molecule with another to achieve the black colour, but the results were unacceptable. It therefore decided to develop its existing anthracite NAC coating. After three years of development, the new coating has passed ageing and corrosion tests and the black NAC coating is ready for industrialisation. STS is considering patenting it. It is also working on a further development of the process that would allow it to be used for more demanding applications, where the surface is prone to more wear, such as the watch case itself. Look out for deep black movement coatings in the near future.
Source: SSC Bulletin 83, June 2017

A brighter polish for titanium cases?

The traditional method for polishing watch cases is mechanical, using brushes and abrasive powders with decreasing particle size to grind away surface imperfections on the metal. CERN, which is most famous as the home of the Large Hadron Collider but also one of the world’s leading scientific research institutes (and is just a stone’s throw from some of the big watch factories in Meyrin), has developed an electropolishing process that can work down to the nanometre level and create a mirror-polished appearance.

Titanium polished with the CERN electropolishing process

Titanium polished with the CERN electropolishing process CERN

Similar to galvanic treatments, CERN’s electropolishing process uses a chemical bath containing an electrolyte that is stimulated by an electric current. A mixture of current density, the viscosity and resistivity of the electrolyte, temperature and treatment time all combine to dissolve microscopic particles of the metal to leave a smoother surface on which, unlike with mechanical polishing, no direction lines are visible. CERN, through its knowledge transfer activities, is currently offering licences for the technology and we wait to see if the watch industry takes up this opportunity.
Source: SSC Bulletin 83, June 2017

Something fishy with your watch strap?

Could fish skin be the next big thing in watch straps? After calf, cow, crocodile, alligator, python, ray, rabbit and shark, the skin of the rainbow trout is the latest animal to be used to attach a watch to the wrist. Baume & Mercier presented Banka troutskin straps at the SIHH this year. The scales on the fish, which are reared in eco-friendly conditions on the Banka farm in the south of France (the water in their ponds in oxygenated naturally, their diet is adapted to the weather and the fish are not given any antibiotics or vaccines), add a unique structure to the skin during the tanning process. The delight of many a renowned chef now finds a second use as a luxury accessory.

The Banka farm that breeds trout in a sustainable and species-friendly manner

The idyllic Banka farm that breeds trout in a sustainable and species-friendly manner Baume & Mercier

Do You Buy SIAR 2017 – Mexican Salon: report and list of award winners Replica For Sale

Mexican Salon: report and list of award winners

Baume et Mercier will surely continue their connection with the addition of followup restricted and special editions in the future together with sponsoring more bike events and alternative sports. The Clifton Club watch is a fantastic value proposition piece that may be the double duty workhorse many people are searching for. Many of the races within this Wheels and Waves California event were “run what you brung,” so that the only thing holding back you was you. No red tape, no actual testimonials, only racing at it’s purest, and this is where I feel the Clifton Club really stands out. The opinion isn’t crying “look at me and of my pedigree and mechanical invention and legacy and best of the and that,” it’s just a good looking and working watch.One of the first things I discovered on this trip was out of Fred Martel, President of Baume et Mercier, throughout our car ride from airport. The dialogue nicely summarized the event. Baume is not trying to become an expert watchmaker or an competitive performance-driven brand that tries to conquer the competition, but a brand that embraces life and its own accomplishments all while enjoying the ride.Well constructed and made for the weekend warrior, costs for your Clifton Club beginning at $1,950 for the stainless steel model, up to $2,250 for the bells and whistles, rubber strapped DLC model. The Burt Munro Tribute Limited Edition can be obtained for pre-sale with a cost of $3,750, restricted to 1967 pieces.

Even though the recent earthquake of Mexico on Sep 19th 2017 affected severely the flow of life and business in Mexico City, the SIAR 2017 Organizing Committee and the participating brands decided to rise to the challenge and continue with the most important watch exhibition in South America. The Salon SIAR 2017 ran from October 17th until October 19th at the prestigious Hotel St. Regis in the center of Reforma Avenue in Mexico City.

During the three days of the exhibition, relevant figures of the Mexican and South American political, financial and social communities visited the stands and meeting rooms where prominent Swiss watch companies and their respective CEOs and leaders explained their products, concepts and designs in a direct manner.

Mexican Salon: report and list of award winners

Christophe Claret was at the SIAR with its new creations

As in previous SIARs, several brands introduced new products and limited editions at the venue, such as Hublot with its new Hublot Big Bang Classic Fusion Calaveras, Baume & Mercier Clifton Club Seleccion Nacional de Mexico, Manufacture Royale Androgyne Mexico and Louis Moinet Metropolis Sunrise Sonora, the sale proceeds of which will be used to help the citizens affected by the Sep 19th earthquake.

The SIAR 2017 presented awards in several categories to notable watches and brands at a Gala that was used to collect and donate funds to those affected by the earthquake. Bulgari was awarded the Watch of the Year award for the Bulgari Octo Finissimo  Automatic, Chanel scooped the Ladies Award for the Première Camélia Skeleton and Hublot took the honors in the Sport Watch category with the Techframe Ferrari 70 years Tourbillon Chronograph.

The Rising Brand award was received by Roger Dubuis for its Excalibur Aventador S, while the Chronograph prize was awarded to Richard Mille’s RM 50-03 McLaren F1 Split Seconds Tourbillon Chronograph. In the Concept watch category the Zenith Defy LAB was the winner and in the High Complication the Vacheron Constantin Les Cabinotiers Celestial Astronomical Grand Complication 3600 received the recognition from the SIAR 2017 Jury.

Finally, in the Watchmaking Value category, Patek Philippe received the award for its 5320G Perpetual Calendar and Chopard’s Karl-Friedrich Scheufele was recognized with the Special Tiempo de Relojes Award.

The SIAR 2017 once again offered a solid platform for watch brands to present their watches and to get closer to the aspirations of the Mexican and South American markets. Communication and perception are key in these markets and the SIAR affords a great opportunity to encounter, in an intimate fashion, these two sides of the business.

Mexican Salon: report and list of award winners

Louis-Joseph Touron (Swiss Ambassador in Mexico), Carlos Alonso (CEO of the SIAR) and Carlo Lamprecht (CEO of the GPHG) proceed with the formal opening of the SIAR 2017 at the St. Regis Hotel.

Review Of Baume & Mercier – Honors Racing Legend Burt Munro Grade 1 Replica Watches

Tribute to Burt Munro, the motorcycle racing legend

Founders of Indian Motorcycle, George Hendee and Oscar Hedstrom were obsessed in the pursuit of speed. Indian soon became renowned as a brand that set and broke speed records. Indian’s achievements, it is the spirit and legend of Burt Munro that has become a part of the fabric of not just Indian’s culture, but of motorcycling culture in general. When Burt Munro bought the bike in 1926 it was only capable of doing 55mph, but after spending the next 40 years modifying it in his shed, the then 68-year-old grandfather took it to the Bonneville Salt flats in Utah, USA. Here he set an under 1000cc record speed of 183.59 mph (294.5 km/h). However, Munro’s son, John noticed that the average speed calculation on the original 1967 record certificate was inaccurate and that the speed reached was actually 184.087 mph (296.11 km/h). The official listing was therefore corrected 47 years later, and set the record that still stands today.

Tribute to Burt Munro, the motorcycle racing legend

Burt Munro, the motorcycle racing legend © Baume & Mercier

Hommage à Burt Munro, légende des courses automobiles

Burt Munro in Bonneville Salt Flats (1962) © Baume & Mercier

Paying tribute to this 50th anniversary, Baume & Mercier has designed a one-of-a-kind watch.This official Indian Motorcycle watch can be proudly worn to remind the wearer that anything is possible with enough grit and determination and translates the enduring passion, a value conveyed by Baume & Mercier ever since. 

Burt Munro was an amazing character who dedicated his life to motorcycling. He simply wanted to be fast and set world records to make his mark on the world. Burt once qualified at over 200 mph (320 km/h), but that was an unofficial run and was not counted. His story was immortalised in the 2006 film called ‘The World’s Fastest Indian’, starring Anthony Hopkins.

Fifty years on from Burt’s record run, the Indian Motorcycle’ team returned to Bonneville in August 2017 with Burt’s first cousin’s grandson, Lee Munro. The aim was to pay tribute to Burt by having Lee Munro ride a modern-day Indian Scout that was sponsored and supported by Baume & Mercier. The Scout frame out of Indian R&D facility’s ‘boneyard’ and mated a modified Scout V-twin engine into it along with an aerodynamic fairing. After many hours of work in their spare time, the team created a new land speed racer. Lee Munro and the team took the ‘Spirit of Munro Scout’ to California’s El Mirage Dry Lake to test, and while there ended up setting a new land speed record of 186.681 mph (300 km/h) in the Southern California Timing Association MPS-G (Modified Partial Streamliner) 1350cc class. At the 69th Bonneville Speed week in August 2017, Lee and the Indian team achieved 191mph (307.39 km/h), going beyond the 184mph set by Burt, and almost reaching the milestone figure of 200mph, which he could not reached due to various technical problems. Baume & Mercier was naturally proud to be part of this tribute as being the Maison celebrating vibrant witness of these unforgettable moments filled with a wealth of emotion.

Hommage à Burt Munro, légende des courses automobiles

Lee Munro and the Indian Motorcycle’ team returned to Bonneville in August 2017 © Baume & Mercier

Breaking up that horizontal line is a yellowish seconds sub-dial in 9 o’clock stamped with Burt’s lucky number “35.” The feel of the pre-production bit was strong, from its buckle, straps, instance, and complete. I truly liked the theme of this watch and the best part about it was that it looked classic. Another great touch is the chronograph hand counterweight, which is the Indian Motorcycle’s “I.” Finally, the caseback, while still not an exhibition caseback, is inscribed with the Indian Motorcycle’s headdress logo with all the limited edition number engraving, one out of 1967.


The Clifton Club, Burt Munro Tribute Limited Edition

With this limited edition timepiece, Baume & Mercier celebrates an icon, a hero of speed, while at the same time christening the new partnership with the Indian Motorcycle Company – a collaboration in the same vein as the very successful Shelby Cobra.
This limited edition automatic chronograph features a number of special details designed to commemorate the extraordinary achievement of Burt Munro. Immediately apparent is the large, yellow number 35, Munro’s lucky number, in the chronograph seconds counter. Next, the “Indian Red” color of the calfskin strap evokes the deep vermillion color that is identified with the Indian Motorcycle Company, and the color of the Munro Special. The dial itself is silver-colored with sandblasted and snailed finishes, meant to mimic the surface of the Bonneville Salt Flats, where the record was set. The counterbalance of the chronograph seconds hand is the immediately recognizable Indian “I.” The 44mm stainless steel case has a tachymeter scale on the bezel, with the record, 184 mph, highlighted on it. On the back, the famous Indian Headdress logo of the Indian Motorcycle Company is engraved, as well as the number of the limited edition. The Clifton Club Burt Munro Tribute is limited to 1967 pieces, recalling the year that Munro set his iconic record. This exclusive timepiece is unveiled for the very first time at EICMA, the world’s most important motorcycle show held in Milan Italy, from 7 to 12 November, 2017.

Hommage à Burt Munro, légende des courses automobiles

Clifton Club Burt Munro Tribute Limited Edition (back) © Baume & Mercier


High End Baume & Mercier – The new Clifton Club Shelby Cobra watch Replica Buying Guide

Baume & Mercier introduces a new chronograph inspired by the legendary “Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupé”, probably the most iconic car in American motorsports. In celebration of its legacy, Peter Brock personally joined with Baume & Mercier’s Design Director Alexandre Peraldi to create a collection that sets a new standard in style and presence. The chronograph is limited to 196 pieces.

I actually wanted to wear this watch after viewing it since it would have perfectly looked the part on my wrist, driving the sunset-lit California coast’s HWY 101. “Regrettably,” the best I could do was the Limited Edition Clifton Club Shelby Cobra 1964. Surprisingly, the larger watch felt better in my yummy wrists and the clasp was quite comfy, which got me excited about the Burt Munro Tribute slice as it’d feel much more or less the same. Despite its slightly bigger lug dimensions, grip, and pushers, it was comparatively easy to slide beneath my riding gloves when gearing up, which makes me believe the Tribute bit could make it in the daily watch rotation. I hear the chatter of watch fans… “a limited edition mechanical watch at the daily rotation?” Speaking of limited editions, this whole weekend was filled with vintage, rare, and custom motorcycles, that were constructed in home garages, custom workshops, and collectors’ warehouses. One of the many names repeated over the duration of the event could be RSD, Roland Sands Designs. Roland Sands is motorcycling’s equivalent to George Bamford in the watch world, except badass and winning an AMA national championship. His drag race winning system of this weekend would be the “RSD Wasp,” that a Yamaha MT-09/FZ-09 franken-street tracker. This bike construct would be something equivalent to carrying a Rolex 116610 Submariner Case and squeezing in the newer Calibre 3255, slapping some DLC on the instance, screwing in a display caseback, coating the hands in yellow stone, and yanking off the dial an Air-King, finished off by stringing it onto a hand stitched, habit perforated, humanely treated, organically tanned young calfskin strap.

Benefits Of Buying Christmas gifts – Ladies’ watches under 3000 CHF to put under the tree Replica Clearance

Montres féminines à moins de 3000 CHF à mettre sous le sapin

Baume & Mercier Classima : 1’550 CHF

The Classima collection makes a neat fit on any wrist thanks to new diameters specifically intended for women. It also comes in several different strap colours and materials, as well as a variety of dial shades. We have chosen a model with a quartz movement housed in a 31mm-diameter polished steel case measuring 5.95mm thick. The red strap also naturally caught our attention at this time of year.

Featuring a white mother-of-pearl dial bearing Roman numerals and diamond hour-markers, this timepiece with its leaf-shaped hours and minutes hands displays the date through an aperture at 3 o’clock. Its scratch-resistant sapphire crystal makes this watch an excellent companion for everyday elegance.

Montres féminines à moins de 3000 CHF à mettre sous le sapin

Classima © Baume & Mercier

Hermès Heure H : 2’800 CHF

The new models in the iconic Heure H collection from Hermès, introduced in 1996, take on a lacquered coating that gives them a delightfully shiny finish. These 2017 models are available in two sizes (small and medium) with several strap colours and lengths (single or double-tour versions).

For this winter season, we have selected an all-white model evoking a soft mantle of snow. The 26mm H-shaped steel case equipped with a quartz movement is entirely covered in white lacquer, apart from the natural-metal outline echoed by the hours and minutes hands. The matching dial is also white lacquered. The single tour white grainy calfskin strap appearing on this model can be replaced by another colour or a double tour version.

Montres féminines à moins de 3000 CHF à mettre sous le sapin

Heure H (medium model) © Hermès

Frederique Constant Horological Smartwatch Ladies : 950 CHF

This Christmas, express your love for your nearest and dearest by treating them to this feminine model featuring a dial graced by a guilloché pattern, with tiny hearts in the centre and mother-of-pearl around the rim. The pink gold-plating on the bezel, the Roman numerals, as well as the hours and minutes hands, adds a warm touch to the cool gleam of steel on this 34mm case housing a quartz movement.

As its name implies, this smartwatch automatically displaying the correct time and date even when travelling is equipped with a wealth of functions: call and text notifications, activity tracking, sleep monitoring, smart alarm set to sleep cycles, Get Active alerts, dynamic coach, Cloud storage, Worldtimer…  The white rubber strap ensures a comfortable fit and complete freedom of movement.

I actually wanted to put on this opinion after viewing it since it would have flawlessly looked the part on my wrist, riding down the sunset-lit California shore’s HWY 101. “Regrettably,” the best I could do was the Limited Edition Clifton Club Shelby Cobra 1964. Surprisingly, the larger watch felt better on my yummy wrists and the grip was quite comfy, which made me excited about the Burt Munro Tribute piece since it would feel more or less the same. Despite its slightly larger lug dimensions, clasp, and pushers, it was relatively simple to slip under my riding gloves when gearing up, making me believe the Tribute bit could make it into the daily watch spinning. I hear the chatter of watch enthusiasts… “a limited version mechanical watch at the daily rotation?” Speaking of limited variations, this whole weekend has been filled with classic, rare, and custom bikes, which were constructed in household garages, custom workshops, and collectors’ warehouses. One of many names repeated over the course of the event would be RSD, Roland Sands Designs. Roland Sands is motorcycling’s equal to George Bamford from the watch world, but more badass and winning an AMA national championship. His drag race winning machine of the weekend would be the “RSD Wasp,” that a Yamaha MT-09/FZ-09 franken-street tracker. This bicycle build would be something equal to carrying a Rolex 116610 Submariner Case and squeezing in the newer Calibre 3255, slapping some DLC on the instance, screwing in an exhibition caseback, coating the palms in yellow gold, and pulling the dial off an Air-King, ended off by stringing it on a hand stitched, custom perforated, humanely treated, organically tanned young calfskin strap.
Montres féminines à moins de 3000 CHF à mettre sous le sapin

Horological Smartwatch Ladies © Frédérique Constant

Longines Symphonette : 2’100 CHF

Looking for an original touch? This dainty watch with its two-tone bracelet and oval case might just do the trick. Its petite size ensures it suits (18.90mm x 29.40mm) even the slimmest wrists.

On this discreet yet elegant timepiece, the understated gleam of steel is enlivened by the glowing warmth of pink gold adorning the hours and minutes hands, the crown as well as the lozenges running along the centre of the bracelet. Due to the distinctive shape of its mother-of-pearl dial, the diamond hour-markers are arranged in an irregular pattern that endows this timepiece with a unique charm.

Montres féminines à moins de 3000 CHF à mettre sous le sapin

Longines Symphonette © Longines

Ralph Lauren RL888 32 MM acier : 1’850 CHF

Dare to be different with this timepiece whose design veers off the beaten track by adopting an appealing combination of styles. The RL888 collection provides interchangeable straps for women keen to add colour to their daily routine.

Montres féminines à moins de 3000 CHF à mettre sous le sapin

RL888 32mm stainless steel © Ralph Lauren

Arabic numerals? Too traditional. Roman numerals? Likewise. How about a bit of both? The result is astonishing. The Roman numerals placed at the four cardinal points follow the curves of the white lacquered and polished dial, as if they were forming a circle, interspersed with smaller and resolutely straight Arabic numerals. The matt-finish brown calfskin strap strikes a pleasing contrast with the shiny appearance of the 32mm polished steel case.

Montres féminines à moins de 3000 CHF à mettre sous le sapin

Interchangeable straps © Ralph Lauren

Raymond Weil Shine « étoile » : 1’290 CHF

This watch is designed for those who struggle when it comes to choosing. Buy just one watch and enjoy the impression of having three, thanks to the interchangeable straps creating entirely different styles.

Understated steel, elegant black leather or glamorous pink leather: this model adapts to every outfit and can be worn in any situation. As its name implies, this watch exudes a very special glow. Its 32mm steel case houses a quartz movement powering a discreet date display appearing in a 3 o’clock aperture. Its steel silver-toned dial adorned with a honeycomb motif radiates out towards the outer dial rim bearing Roman numerals, while the blued hands add a colourful touch.

Montres féminines à moins de 3000 CHF à mettre sous le sapin

Shine © Raymond Weil

Luxury Baume & Mercier – Creative Manifesto Promesse Low Price Replica

Creative Manifesto Promesse

“Les Exceptionnelles” collection is the result of creative and aesthetic reflection to which Baume & Mercier has devoted itself for the second consecutive year. Weaving poetic links between watchmaking and fashion, this collection showcases the contemporaneity of the House.

Inspired by a myth

Promesse “Les Exceptionnelles” collection is a creative manifesto, affirmed this year in three new cuff bracelets inspired by the celestial constellation: Coma Berenices, or Berenice’s Hair. According to mythology, Queen Berenice II of Egypt promised to sacrifice her long hair in exchange for her husband’s safe return from war. Despite the King’s opposition, the Queen fulfilled this promise in the temple of Aphrodite. Seduced by the offering, the goddess then took the locks up to the heavens and fixed them in the sky to form the constellation. 

Baume & Mercier has chosen to recount this shining story of femininity using pearls – the symbol of perfect beauty – and Ariadne’s thread. This celestial constellation is celebrated with three limited edition designs, limited to ten pieces each. At a time when a woman’s hair was emblematic of absolute femininity, separating oneself from one’s locks was seen as a symbol of self-assertion and personal emancipation. The brand celebrates this frame of mind with a creative and poetic manifesto, paying tribute to the aspirations of contemporary women: to be free and happy, above all by being themselves.

A combination of haute couture and watchmaking

For this edition, Swiss craftsmen have manufactured three styles, each limited to ten pieces. Both a jewelry piece and a watch, each of these modern and ultra-feminine accessories adorns the wrist with delicacy and taste. With exquisite craftsmanship all eyes are drawn to these multi-faceted cuffs.

The Cosmos

Synonymous with freedom and creativity, the Cosmos is the flagship model of the new trio. Directly inspired by the Coma Berenices constellation, it reveals the Promesse moon phase dial against a deeply romantic swathe of midnight blue raw silk. Embroidered with Akoya pearls and silver thread, the fabric evokes the stardust of this celestial myth.

Creative Manifesto Promesse

The Cosmos © Baume & Mercier

The McCall’s Annual Motorworks Revival serves to kick off the Monterey Car Week which sees thousands of motor enthusiasts gather annually for vintage automobile auctions and racing at the famous Laguna Seca Raceway. So what makes these versions unique? Still current beneath the sapphire crystal, clearly, is the tachymeter round the dial, and obviously there’s the cobra logo forged right into the seconds hand’s counterweight to remind it means company. The small-seconds subdial on every one of these pieces was outfitted with a number representative of motorists of the Shelby Cobra CSX2118: No. 15 (Dan Gurney), No. 50 (Ken Miles), No. 97 (Dave MacDonald), and No. 96 (Allen Grant), respectively. In addition to the amount, each of those four pieces are dressed in comparable aesthetics of their winning cars.No. 15 includes a hot-yellow take on the tachymeter dial using a yellow-lined black alligator-leather strap as well as the flip side is yellowish for this particular model. Also, like the No. 15, the No. 50 receives the ADLC-steel remedy that still keeps a sporty edge. No. 97 additionally offers a yellowish cobra seconds hand and pairs the watch using a slick black rubber strap. No. 97 and 96 include the stainless steel casings using No. 96 getting the loudest of the straps, a brilliant yellow alligator leather strap with black stitching and lining. A little something for everybody’s tastes with these versions.


With its midnight blue lambskin, accentuated with a row of natural pearls, Insolence represents glam-rock. The association of these two sensual materials brings a “Haute Couture” touch to the Promesse 30mm which features a midnight blue sunray guilloché dial. Both chic and rebellious, its presence imposes with character and insolence and symbolizes powerful women and the absence of conventions.


A 1920s spirit infuses Petite Promesse. Its chainmail fringed with Akoya pearls is like a miniature Milky Way, the fine craftsmanship highlighting its delicate format. Mounted on a white lambskin bracelet with Akoya pearls, the case is entirely set with diamonds, offering a refined touch to this poetic cuff with a very “couture” feel. An ultra feminine and fashion creation.

Swiss Grade Baume & Mercier – Clifton Club, for “gentlesportsmen” Replica Watches Free Shipping

Are you an active and modern professional who has made sport part of your daily life ? Are you looking for a watch to accompany you around the clock : in the office, at the gym or on the golf course at lunchtime, as well as for an evening at the club house ? If your philosophy is about keeping “a healthy mind in a healthy body”, the Clifton Club is your watch.

This refined and athletic model combines performance with precision. Its polished/satin-finished stainless steel case, featuring elaborate curves comprising an integrated bracelet and crown guard, houses a Swiss made self-winding movement whose reliability has notably been confirmed by 550G shock tests. Water-resistant to 100m, this versatile watch has no fear of diving into a pool, while its green luminescent numerals – clearly visible on the black dial – will enable you to keep check on the duration of your paragliding flight as nightfall approaches.

And for gentlemen motorbike riders, Baume & Mercier has just launched a limited dedication of the Clifton Club – at the Wheels & Waves California event – with a commemorative caseback engraving of legendary speed races.

Clifton Club 10340
Racing would ensue, the thunder of pistons bashing away as the riders pinned back their throttles at the beginning line, slamming their brakes a 1/4 mile later, then ripping through the gears back to where they had started from. A combination of drag racing and barrel racing; each rider would start in neutral with their left hand in their own helmet, and when the flag dropped, they’d shift to gear, race down to the barrel, whip a u-turn and return-to-home as quickly as they’d left it, all while riding side by side with their competitor.In between all of the racing could be easy, spirited, peg dragging 3 hour joy ride starting along HWY 101 then into Templeton, Paso Robles, along with Big Sur.The weekend could be about the Clifton Club set of watches and, later in the weekend, the unveiling of this Burt Munro Tribute Limited Edition. I was excited about trying out this collection as I had yet to get some hands-on time with those watches. I’m a sucker for daily use sailors, so my very first watch of the weekend was that the stainless steel Clifton Club with a sunburst satin-finished blue dial, strapped to a textured orange rubber NATO. The daring colour blend was fitting for the coastal city setting as it reminds me of the sea and the sun reflecting off the water’s surface. The rubber NATO was a great touch as it felt just like a miniature hi-viz wetsuit round my wrist and it was amazingly comfortable, since the material would give a bit during little impacts and vibrations with consistent wear. The 42mm case size and the 10.3mm thickness fit snugly round my 7.25 inch wrist, fitting comfortably under my riding gloves through long miles and hours of road vibrations. The Sellita SW200 movement is not glamorous, but it is dependable and with of the road vibrations being subjected to it over this weekend, I wouldn’t have wanted it to be an in-house, handmade marvel.
Case : polished/satin-finished steel with ADLC coating, water-resistant to 100m, glareproofed sapphire crystal, solid back
Size : 42mm
Movement : mechanical selfwinding (38h power reserve)
Functions : hours, minutes, seconds, date at 3 o’clock
Dial : black, opaline finish, rhodiumplated hands filled with Super-LumiNova®
Bracelet : triple row design in polished/ satin-finished stainless steel, triple folding clasp

Best Place To Buy Baume & Mercier – Clifton Club Shelby® Cobra Bucherer Blue Editions Japanese Movement Replica

Clifton Club Shelby® Cobra Bucherer Blue Editions

Bucherer launched yesterday the 16th model in its Bucherer Blue Editions line: the Baume & Mercier Clifton Club Shelby® Cobra Bucherer Blue Editions. The timepiece, a tribute to the legendary Shelby Cobra Daytona coupé racing car, is limited to 100 watches and will be on sale exclusively at all Bucherer boutiques.

A long history ties Baume & Mercier and Bucherer, both companies with strong traditions. Since the 1920s, they have cultivated an excellent relationship and share common values, such as a love of watches, watchmaking and stylish design. The latest addition to the Bucherer Blue Editions fills the two companies with pride. “The result of a relationship based on so much mutual affinity is an elegant sport watch that reflects the universe of both brands and will certainly appeal to customers who like an exclusive watch with a historical background”, explains Alain Zimmermann, CEO of Baume & Mercier. The partnership between Baume & Mercier and sports car manufacturer Shelby has inspired a watch designed to serve as a reminder of the legendary American Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupé. “Mechanical watches and vintage sports cars fascinate people with their combination of aesthetic design, sophisticated technology and tradition. They are an expression of an individual lifestyle”, says Patrick Graf, Director of Watches with Bucherer.

The final result? In concept, a more, inherently secure chronometric functionality and greater long-term accuracy. Granted, we’ll have to withhold judgement until we’ve examined one in the real world. However, for now, it is interesting to watch as more and more brands go away from Nivarox (and by extension, the Swatch Group), rather choosing to create proprietary technologies as a way to compete. Despite being the oldest adage in the novel, it’s also the most intriguing saying to watch firsthand — innovate or perish, right?n accession to the special hairspring, the 18-jeweled, hand-cranked BM12-1975M motion itself hums along in a recognizable 4Hz over the span of its generous power reserve of around 90 hours. Nicely finished with heavy Geneva stripes, blued screws, and circular graining all visible under the exhibition caseback, the movement itself can be adjusted in five positions for accuracy.The 18k red gold case of this Baume & Mercier Clifton Manual 1830 watch is 42mm broad and 8.9mm thin, with a water-resistance evaluation of 50m, and it includes a black aligator strap. The mention M0A10359 Baume & Mercier Clifton Manual 1830 is available now, even though it’s being made in very small quantities, apparently just sold in Europe, and is retailing for a cost of $12,045. As part of the continuing partnership with Shelby Cobra and in celebration of the 25th anniversary of McCall’s Annual Motorworks Revival, Baume & Mercier are releasing four limited edition “Legendary Driver” chronograph watches to honor four drivers that sat behind the wheel of this furiously powered Shelby Cobra CSX1228 over fifty five decades back. An extension of the Baume & Mercier Capeland Shelby Cobra watches we covered here, these bits are designed with specific drivers’ heritages in your mind and deliver all of the super-charged aesthetics which we have seen so far from this team-up. Let’s take a little time to determine what’s different this time around.

Clifton Club Shelby® Cobra Bucherer Blue Editions

Clifton Club Shelby® Cobra Bucherer Blue Editions © Bucherer

Baume & Mercier’s designers were particularly impressed by the aesthetics and unmatched power of the racing car built during the 1960s. The spokes in the wheels were the inspiration for the rotor inside the movement. Made of titanium, it leans on the car’s lightweight aluminium construction. Design elements, such as the racing car’s typical stripes and Cobra logo, are cleverly integrated into the subdials and second hand. The main dial in blue harmonizes perfectly with the black, carbon-look calfskin strap. It has a blue seam and a blue lining, giving the watch additional character.

The special edition is limited to 100 pieces and watch lovers who secure one of the watches will belong to an exclusive circle. The Baume & Mercier Clifton Club Shelby® Cobra Bucherer Blue Editions will be on sale only at all Bucherer boutiques.

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As partners of automobile manufacturers, events or racing teams, watch brands outdo each other in seeking imaginative ways of bringing to the wrist the spirit of major competitions and the style of legendary cars.

Graham Silverstone RS GMT : CHF 9,200.–

Equipped with a 24-hour dual-time display appearing on the graduated ceramic bezel, this limited series is also the official watch of the highly regarded and typically Swiss Gurnigel hill-climb road race !

As Baume & Mercier’s signature semi-casual dress watch, the classically resourceful Clifton can play host to a fairly wide variety of complications — everything from easy GMT and moonphase screens, to perpetual calendars and this crazy minute-repeating pocket view. So it should come as little surprise that for 2017, as in years’ past, the entry Richmont manufacturer is leaning on the Clifton’s flexibility to showcase their most recent technology: an in-house made manual-winding movement equipped with a distinctive system meant to boost accuracy.The Baume & Mercier Clifton Manual 1830 is the first Richemont set watch to deploy this new technician, known as TwinSpir, which will be centered around a new kind of proprietary ion hairspring developed by the Richemont Research & Innovation team. This new spring is comprised of a unique, composite construction that unites two layers of silicon, alternatively oriented and jumped through a layer of carbon dioxide. The goal was to produce a hairspring that wasn’t only resistant to the usual effects — corrosion, magnetism, etc., but one which was also largely immune to fluctuations in temperature and infinitesimal variances in pressure while it oscillates.Now, phoning TwinSpir the foundation for a thermocompensated mechanical motion would be something of a gross oversimplification, but that is not far from the assumption, either. But, rather than consciously correct for changes in temperature, this system mutes them. By way of instance, where a normal hairspring might demonstrate varying levels of elasticity (and therefore subtly differing oscillation speeds) on the wrist to a warm day, vs. sitting on a bedside table, the fundamental premise of TwinSpir is to make a more consistently secure hairspring that is largely immune from these thermoelastic variances regardless of the view’s ambient temperatures. Additionally, as the hairspring contracts and expands through its typical oscillations, the layered arrangement is designed to create a perfectly and more constant oscillation, eliminating any subtle flaws in elasticity (or even “elastic anisotropies”) that would also adversely influence the chronometric speed — a known functionality trait exhibited by many traditional hairsprings.
Originally a tiny double-digit gathering of friends and family who ride and socialize together, it’s since become an yearly migration of motorcyclists and surfers to the amounts exceeding 10,000 attendees, entirely open to the public. The stateside version, on the other hand, was an invitation only event staged in Cayucos, California. It is a tired little wild wild west, Cowboys and Indians-like beach town comprising a skate park, two pubs, three cafes, plus a well-known taco shop serving up tasty smoked albacore tacos. Baume and Indian both referenced the long tradition and parallel of timepieces and motorsports; both embodying the DNA of engineering progress as well as the pursuit of performance. Baume et Mercier told a catalytic story of observing Lee Munro race a modified Indian Scout in the Bonneville Salt Flats to commemorate his uncle’s historic record breaking run 50 decades ago, and the way that it solidified their wanting to associate together.


Silverstone RS GMT © Graham

Baume & Mercier Clifton Club Shelby Cobra : CHF 7,650.–

The latest creation from Baume & Mercier and Caroll Shelby evokes the Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupé. This titanium and steel chronograph is making a noteworthy first incursion into the Clifton collection.


Clifton Club Shelby Cobra © Baume & Mercier

Bell & Ross BR126 Renault Sport 40th Anniversary : CHF 3,900.–

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of its partner Renault Sport’s first appearance in the world of Formula 1 motor racing, Bell & Ross has developed a model inspired by the 1977 single-seater R.S. 01, a steel chronograph with a resolutely vintage style.


BR126 Renault Sport 40th Anniversary © Bell & Ross

Bulgari Octo Maserati GranSport : CHF 11,900.–

The Octo Maserati 2017 models display jumping hours and retrograde minutes with all the clarity of a dashboard. For fans of the super-sporty brand with the trident emblem : a black DLC-treated GranSport model.


Octo Maserati GranSport © Bulgari

The tachymeter is stainless steel with amount engravings on a fixed bezel with one of those number engravings being “184,” the speed where Burt Munro broke the land speed record. Moving inwards, the dial is sandblasted in a silverish-white color to mimic the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah and the amount indices are black rhodium plated. The feel of the pre-production bit was solid, from its own buckle, straps, instance, and complete. I truly liked the subject of this watch and the best part about it was that it looked vintage. Adding to this aesthetic pop and thickness to the overall appearance, Indian Motorcycle’s famous vermilion red is splashed and helpless about the chronograph hand, sub-dial palms, and USA-sourced leather strap with a pin buckle. Another great touch is that the chronograph hand counterweight, which is the Indian Motorcycle’s “I.” Finally, the caseback, although still not an exhibition caseback, is inscribed with the Indian Motorcycle’s headdress emblem with all the limited edition number engraving, one out of 1967.

Singer Reimagined Singer Track 1 : CHF 42,985.–

The young watch brand named Singer Reimagined, a subsidiary of Singer Vehicle Design, chose the Monterey Car Week 2017 for the first presentation in the United States of its revolutionary Track 1 chronograph.


Singer Track 1 © Singer Reimagined

Montblanc Time Walker Chronograph 117051 : CHF 19,900.–

At the Festival of Speed de Goodwood 2017, of which it has become official timekeeper, Montblanc presented a chic new pink gold model : the Time Walker Chronopraph Automatic.


Time Walker Chronograph 117051 © Montblanc

Bulgari Octo Maserati GranLusso : CHF 28,900.–

Parternsing Maserati since 2012, Bulgari has unveiled the latest fruits of their cooperation at the 2017 Frankfurt Motor Show. In this GranLusso version, the Octo Maserati appears clothed in pink gold.


Octo Maserati GranLusso © Bulgari

Eberhard & Co. Chrono 4 130 : CHF 5,340.–

Timekeeper and Official Partner of the Gran Premio Nuvolari, Eberhard & Co. seized the opportunity of the opening cocktail to present its latest creations, notably including the Chrono4 130 introduced to mark its 130th anniversary.


Chrono 4 130 © Eberhard & Co.

Discount Baume & Mercier – Quality: the recipe for an everlasting success Low Price Replica

Quality: the recipe for an everlasting success

At Baume & Mercier, impeccable quality is a natural prerequisite for all new developments. This philosophy informs every creative project that the Maison undertakes, subscribing to an overall vision. It is the reason why a single director is responsible for the development of each product, its production, and corresponding customer service. This organizational method promotes numerous benefits for the quality of the watch, ensuring that everything works perfectly at every stage of the creative process.

Quality: the recipe for an everlasting success

© Baume & Mercier

Although the brand submits its watches and their components to a variety of production tests, it is ahead of time where the majority of production is decided. Brainstorming, meticulously planning, and outlining every last detail before pen is even put to paper is where the real challenge lies. Although quality assurance is essential, thinking ahead from the outset and anticipating all the requirements in the production, sale and use of a watch is much more efficient. Designing a watch also means imagining the life of the object years down the line, and considering questions of repairs, component logistics and production, along with legal issues to ensure that the product, its environment and the services it comprises comply with diverse national and regional legislation.

Quality: the recipe for an everlasting success

© Baume & Mercier

Every stage in the production of a Baume & Mercier watch is subject to rigorous tests and checks – and the same applies to the movement – the component of a watch consisting of the greatest number of elements. They both have to be intrinsically reliable. Once the first watches are assembled, the pre-series are tested on the wrist by Baume & Mercier employees. Improvements are then made as needed. Once production in series is launched, all feedback – no matter how minor – is analyzed to identify any problems and correct them. All of these observations are documented so as to enhance future development guidelines.

Quality: the recipe for an everlasting success

© Baume & Mercier

If this was an invite only watch event, it’d perform as like: Maximillian Busser and Friends would organize a private gathering in Lake Geneva with the top watch influencers to talk about the state of the watch business, have a “watch series” filled with one-off collectibles, and, importantly, drink copious amounts of “warm” beer with a side of gloating to help wash it all down. A Few of the invitees would be Andreas Strehler, Kari Voutilainen, Roger W. Smith, and Vianney Halter, as headliners. Lastly, Bamford Watch Department and Motorcity Watchworks would round out the modifiers segment, bringing with them a collection of DLC coated, mil-spec divers and custom modified watches, which were remarkably popular in recent years.Uber-geeky “watch races” will be held; Chronometre Classic (best timekeeping watch), Chronograph Drags (most accurate time cease), Chronograph Drags (Vintage Class) along with the all too famous Redline Renegades Race (speediest VPH). The bonus round would be the Deep Dive Sprint (most water and strain resistance). Completing the festivities would be a “watch series” and a tribute movie of the late George Daniels. Of course, Baume et Mercier would be the title sponsor of this shindig with everyone riding in on Indian Motorcycles.
Baume et Mercier will surely continue their connection with the addition of follow-up limited and special editions in the future together with sponsoring more bike events and alternative sports. The Clifton Club watch is a great value proposition piece that could be the double duty workhorse a lot of men and women are searching for. A number of the races over this Wheels and Waves California event were “run what you brung,” so that the only thing holding back you was you. No red tape, no actual testimonials, just racing at it’s purest, and this is where I feel the Clifton Club actually stands out. The opinion is not screaming “look at me and all my pedigree and mechanical innovation and heritage and finest of this and that,” it is only a good looking and functioning watch.One of the first things I discovered on this trip was from Fred Martel, President of Baume et Mercier, throughout our automobile trip from airport. The dialogue well summarized the event. Baume isn’t attempting to be a specialist watchmaker or an competitive performance-driven brand that strives to beat the contest, but a brand that embraces life and its own achievements all while enjoying the ride.Well built and created for the weekend warrior, prices for the Clifton Club start at $1,950 for the stainless steel model, on up to $2,250 for its bells and whistles, rubber strapped DLC version. The Burt Munro Tribute Limited Edition is available for pre-sale using a cost of $3,750, limited to 1967 pieces.

For this, the return of watches under warranty provides irrefutable proof. It’s impossible to cheat with such evidence. At Baume & Mercier, quality is not an empty promise. The most common reasons for a watch from the Maison to be brought to a service center for repair are shocks and magnetism problems. These factors are both external to the production process. Testament to the virtuous circle engaged in by the brand, the ratio of watches returned under warranty (already one of the lowest in the industry) has been falling steadily for several years.

Our customers have always been the focus at Baume & Mercier. With service and repair centers in more than 100 countries, we aim to meet their needs in close proximity to their geographical locations. However, for the most complicated timepieces, those produced in small series, and vintage models, watches are sent to Baume & Mercier at Les Brenets in the Neuchâtel Jura region, to be serviced or repaired in the hands of the watchmakers with the most experience of this type of exclusive product.

Quality: the recipe for an everlasting success

© Baume & Mercier

Baume & Mercier is committed to keeping components in stock for all of the contemporary timepieces, meaning all those produced in the last 20 years. For older timepieces, the Maison is committed to helping our customers restore their watches. The vision for this is clear: when a customer acquires a Baume & Mercier today, he can be confident that he will be accompanied by the brand for the next 200 years.

Because a watch is first and foremost a design in the eyes of the customers, Baume & Mercier pays close attention to this aspect of the creative process. Yet, beyond their design, the watches bear a host of non-visible elements – their reliability, performance, price, guarantee, ability to be serviced or repaired, and brand image. All of these non-material aspects are critical when purchasing a luxury watch. For this reason, a Baume & Mercier will always be so much more than just a watch.

Quality: the recipe for an everlasting success

© Baume & Mercier