Luxury Baume & Mercier – Creative Manifesto Promesse Low Price Replica

“Les Exceptionnelles” collection is the result of creative and aesthetic reflection to which Baume & Mercier has devoted itself for the second consecutive year. Weaving poetic links between watchmaking and fashion, this collection showcases the contemporaneity of the House.

Inspired by a myth

Promesse “Les Exceptionnelles” collection is a creative manifesto, affirmed this year in three new cuff bracelets inspired by the celestial constellation: Coma Berenices, or Berenice’s Hair. According to mythology, Queen Berenice II of Egypt promised to sacrifice her long hair in exchange for her husband’s safe return from war. Despite the King’s opposition, the Queen fulfilled this promise in the temple of Aphrodite. Seduced by the offering, the goddess then took the locks up to the heavens and fixed them in the sky to form the constellation. 

Baume & Mercier has chosen to recount this shining story of femininity using pearls – the symbol of perfect beauty – and Ariadne’s thread. This celestial constellation is celebrated with three limited edition designs, limited to ten pieces each. At a time when a woman’s hair was emblematic of absolute femininity, separating oneself from one’s locks was seen as a symbol of self-assertion and personal emancipation. The brand celebrates this frame of mind with a creative and poetic manifesto, paying tribute to the aspirations of contemporary women: to be free and happy, above all by being themselves.

A combination of haute couture and watchmaking

For this edition, Swiss craftsmen have manufactured three styles, each limited to ten pieces. Both a jewelry piece and a watch, each of these modern and ultra-feminine accessories adorns the wrist with delicacy and taste. With exquisite craftsmanship all eyes are drawn to these multi-faceted cuffs.

The Cosmos

Synonymous with freedom and creativity, the Cosmos is the flagship model of the new trio. Directly inspired by the Coma Berenices constellation, it reveals the Promesse moon phase dial against a deeply romantic swathe of midnight blue raw silk. Embroidered with Akoya pearls and silver thread, the fabric evokes the stardust of this celestial myth.

Creative Manifesto Promesse

The Cosmos © Baume & Mercier

The McCall’s Annual Motorworks Revival serves to kick off the Monterey Car Week which sees thousands of motor enthusiasts gather annually for vintage automobile auctions and racing at the famous Laguna Seca Raceway. So what makes these versions unique? Still current beneath the sapphire crystal, clearly, is the tachymeter round the dial, and obviously there’s the cobra logo forged right into the seconds hand’s counterweight to remind it means company. The small-seconds subdial on every one of these pieces was outfitted with a number representative of motorists of the Shelby Cobra CSX2118: No. 15 (Dan Gurney), No. 50 (Ken Miles), No. 97 (Dave MacDonald), and No. 96 (Allen Grant), respectively. In addition to the amount, each of those four pieces are dressed in comparable aesthetics of their winning cars.No. 15 includes a hot-yellow take on the tachymeter dial using a yellow-lined black alligator-leather strap as well as the flip side is yellowish for this particular model. Also, like the No. 15, the No. 50 receives the ADLC-steel remedy that still keeps a sporty edge. No. 97 additionally offers a yellowish cobra seconds hand and pairs the watch using a slick black rubber strap. No. 97 and 96 include the stainless steel casings using No. 96 getting the loudest of the straps, a brilliant yellow alligator leather strap with black stitching and lining. A little something for everybody’s tastes with these versions.


With its midnight blue lambskin, accentuated with a row of natural pearls, Insolence represents glam-rock. The association of these two sensual materials brings a “Haute Couture” touch to the Promesse 30mm which features a midnight blue sunray guilloché dial. Both chic and rebellious, its presence imposes with character and insolence and symbolizes powerful women and the absence of conventions.


A 1920s spirit infuses Petite Promesse. Its chainmail fringed with Akoya pearls is like a miniature Milky Way, the fine craftsmanship highlighting its delicate format. Mounted on a white lambskin bracelet with Akoya pearls, the case is entirely set with diamonds, offering a refined touch to this poetic cuff with a very “couture” feel. An ultra feminine and fashion creation.