Girard-Perregaux Chamber of Wonders With 40mm Case Mens Replica

Girard-Perregaux Mens Replica Chamber of Wonders collection is expanding with three replica watches that are adorned with magnificent dials that either celebrate the earth as seen from space, or space as viewed from earth. A trio of numbered pieces was unveiled at Baselworld 2016 to honor the philosophy and visions of famous scholars. These timepieces are housed in a 40.00 mm pink gold case and are powered by the GP03300-0060 caliber, a mechanical movement with automatic winding,  displayong the hours and minutes functions, and offering a 46-hour power reserve. Each swiss replica watch is fitted with a stitched black alligator strap, secured by a pink gold pin buckle.

Girard-Perregaux Chamber of Wonders Celestial Globe

Cartographic Masterpiece: Girard-Perregaux Chamber of Wonders Collection

This exceptional timepiece is inspired by the Vincenzo Maria Coronelli, a Franciscan monk, an Italian cosmographer, cartographer, publisher, and encyclopedist known in particular for his atlases and globes. His legacy lives in two giant globes he created in Paris to demonstrate his respect to Louis XIV. One globe is terrestrial, the other celestial, depicting the sky as it was seen at the time of the monarch’s birth, on September 5, 1638. On the 1,880 celestial bodies that it depicts, 72 constellations adopt the forms of whimsical animals and mythological figures. The completely blue-toned work, comprised of twelve equal areas symbolizing the seasons when the sun crosses the zodiac constellations, was painted and illuminated by Jean-Baptiste Corneille. The domed sapphire dial of the Celestial Globe timepiece is painted by hand and its engraved grooves are filled with gold powder.

Girard-Perregaux Chamber of Wonders Center of the Universe, Earth

Cartographic Masterpiece: Girard-Perregaux Chamber of Wonders CollectionThis model draws its inspiration from the work of Greco-Roman Ptolemy, an astronomer, mathematician, and geographer, known for his geocentric (Earth-centred) model of the universe. The timepiece was created with the help of the method of stone marquetry and was decorated by skillful miniature painters. The depth which was rendered by stone, is cut into thin disks, which are then polished and positioned like a jewel. This sets the scene for materials capable of representing different shades of blue, such as lapis lazuli or aventurine, or reflecting warm white tones, such as extra-white mother-of-pearl. The stretches of sea and boundaries of unknown territories are formed in this manner, before brushes dipped in gold powder delicately caress the colored surfaces.

Girard-Perregaux Chamber of Wonders Center of the Universe, Sun

Cartographic Masterpiece: Girard-Perregaux Chamber of Wonders Collection

To pay tribute to the vision of astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus, who suggested that the Sun was a fixed point in the universe around which celestial bodies revolve, Girard-Perregaux creates “Center of the Universe, Sun” replica watch. The watchmaker has chosen aventurine and gray jade and combined those with alternating shades of dark and pale orange jasper, to demonstrate the 24-hour renaissance.