Closer Look At The Classic Rado Esenza Touch Luxury Replica Watch

Rado’s feminine take on touch technology really makes for a sensuous, sophisticated edition to your watch wardrobe. When Rado launched its Esenza Touch replica watch, its touch-controlled fully ceramic watch aimed solely at women. Despite there being some teething problems at the time with this innovative touch technology, all credit to Rado, whatever it has done to this Rado Esenza Touch replica watch has improved it no end.
The Rado Esenza Touch replica watch works well. At first, adjusting a watch through stroking the case rather than using the crown is a strange sensation – you feel like you’re wearing something from the future. However, once you get used to it, it’s an action that feels as elegant as the watch looks.
The black ceramic is eye-catchingly gorgeous. Because it doesn’t scratch, you get a pristine, almost luminescent sheen to the bracelet and case. Despite the Rado Esenza Touch ‘s appearance, with a case at 33mm, it isn’t ridiculously delicate and being all black means the diamonds really stand out too.

Closer Look At The Classic Rado Esenza Touch Luxury Replica Watch
Let’s talk about those diamonds. Rado replica watch is well known for its experimentation with materials but here it has taken that spirit of experimentation and applied it to stone setting. These diamonds of the Rado Esenza Touch replica watch are actually set directly into the ceramic, which is a watchmaking first and took years of painstaking research at Rado to achieve.
This is also a Rado Esenza Touch replica watch that feels lovely in the hand with a reassuring weight to it, but, thanks to Rado’s monobloc case construction – where the ceramic is injected into the mould under high pressure producing a complete case – it still has a lightness to it. One of the other advantages with ceramic is that it doesn’t draw heat away from your skin so, when you put it on, you don’t get that shock of cold you would from a steel strap.
Because of the insulation properties of ceramic, you don’t notice this Rado Esenza Touch replica watch is on your wrist. It also doesn’t have a crown, thanks to the touch technology that comprises four sensors in the ceramic case, so there is nothing to disturb the rather sensuous lines of the case. The overall effect is an incredibly elegant watch in a material more readily associated with sports styles.