Seiko Anniversary Celebration Watch — Marinemaster 1000m Replica Dive Watch

From the first use of a titanium case for a diver’s swiss replica watches  to the invention of the accordion-style strap and the two-layer case to the design of dial markers and hands of unparalleled legibility, Seiko had been involved in improving tool watches made to dive for 50 years. To celebrate this anniversary, Seiko is coming with two special replica watches. One of them is the Seiko Marinemaster 1000m.

Seiko Anniversary Celebration Watch --- Marinemaster 1000m Replica Dive Watch
Back in 1965, Seiko introduced their first professional dive replica watch, with a rotating bezel and a 150m water-resistance. From now on, a part of the collection was build with the only intention to seduce professional divers and to fulfill their needs with purposely build watches.
This new 2015 Marinemaster 1000m Emperor Tuna replica watch is a pure tribute to this 1975 Titanium 6159-022, as it comes with many of the attributes of this vintage edition. It is hard to believe it, but yes, the 2015 edition is kind of a re-issue that is both visually and technically close to the vintage replica one. Seiko is usually not into this kind of ‘marketing stuffs‘ but hardcore collectors and aficionados will certainly be pleased to see such a faithful replica dive watch .

Seiko Anniversary Celebration Watch --- Marinemaster 1000m Replica Dive Watch

The 48.2mm case of Marinemaster 1000m replica dive watch is based on the two-layers construction, but here with modern materials. The inner case is still made of titanium – for the reasons we exposed before – but with rose-gold color and black hard coating. The case is also still relying on the one-piece / monobloc case structure, meaning that there is no screwed caseback.

This outer shell of this Seiko dive replica watch is made both to protect the case in case of shocks and to prevent any unintentional rotation of the bezel. Talking about the bezel, besides being coated with rose gold, it comes with the usual replica dive watch design, meaning a unidirectional rotation capacity and a large, legible 60-minute scale to be used to calculate decompression times. The dial is also faithful to the original – and thus extremely practical and legible – as it comes with large luminous dots, batons and triangular indexes – to be easily legible and recognizable even in the dark – and large luminous hands. Both the hands and the indexes are coated with a warm creamy colour that matches the idea of a vintage re-issue and that perfectly mixes with the gilded bezel.

Seiko Anniversary Celebration Watch --- Marinemaster 1000m Replica Dive Watch
On the wrist, the Seiko Marinemaster 1000m Emperor replica watch is a large, very large watch (remember that the case measures 48.2mm x 17.4mm). However, due to the rubber strap and the absence of lugs (the strap is attached under the case), it is quite an easy watch one t