Watch Winner Announced: Hamilton Khaki Pilot Day Date Watch Japanese Movement Replica

My ultimate conclusion on my first Swiss watch hinged between purchasing a Jazzmaster Day Date along with the Victorinox Day Date. The Victorinox won because of the last price point, however after sporting this Hamilton, I think I would have been more happy with the Hamilton in relation to overall construct quality.The Hamilton Khaki Pilot Day Date is a big and easy to read see. I truly appreciate that the majority of the watch’s face is devoted to large easy to read hands and indicators. The silver background is quite magnificent. The brushed silver has an almost pearlescent quality. The internal indicator has painted hour amounts with 30 and 15 minute dashes. All these are in a relatively small form face, however, are easy enough to read. The main index uses raised figures suggesting the seconds/minutes. The amounts are raised about a millimeter off of this silver background and ended with a serrated/aggressive brushed end giving these signs lots of contrast compared to the silver backdrop. These raised minute/second indicators really make this watch unique. The day and date signs are black text on a white background and are cut into the primary and secondary indicators at the 12 and 6 positions. In the 12 position is the prerequisite pilot’s triangle index without appearing compressed. The outer index has tick marks for the minutes and seconds, which I believe are painted on the silver background.The hands match the pilot’s style watch and reach deep into the face making total use of the space provided.

Watch Winner Announced: Hamilton Khaki Pilot Day Date Watch Giveaways

Congrats to Josh G. from Portland, Maine, USA, who is the lucky winner of the Hamilton Khaki Pilot Day Date watch that we gave away on aBlogtoWatch last month. Thanks again for everyone who entered and please enter for a chance to win a Minus-8 Layer Automatic watch this month on aBlogtoWatch here.